"Yer makin' a mistake comin' here, Mister Cactus. Looks like Jack has gotta stop ya!"
— Alpaca Jack as he taunts Cactus McCoy at the beginning of his boss fight

Alpaca Jack
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Alpaca Jack as he rides Daisy, his alpaca.





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020 [1]


Alpaca Jack is an antagonist and one of the henchmen of Malana Mire in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera, alongside Dumbbell. He is the first boss that Cactus McCoy faces in the game.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Alpaca Jack is a pygmy and he is always seen on his alpaca. His eyes are never shown, either. Instead, he seems to wear sunglasses or goggles. He also wears a beige hat and cowboy pants with cowboy shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

When compared with Dumbbell and Malana Mire, he seems to be the smartest but also the weakest antagonist. With this, he also has the most tendency to be protagonized in the game. This can easily be understood from the fact that he saves McCoy and Ella when he and Dumbbell are betrayed by Malana Mire.

Official Flipdeck Info[edit | edit source]

  • Hometown: Tumblewood
  • Loves: Daisy
  • Hates: Debt collectors
  • Occupation: Alpaca Farmer

Jack breeds alpacas that are prized for their fur, speed, and incredible dexterity. Riding atop his beloved alpaca, Daisy, Jack would perform an impressive sharpshooting show each year at the county fair. One day, a fluke tornado decimated his alpaca farm, and left Jack on the verge of bankruptcy. He joined up with the mysterious Malana Mire in the hope of quickly repaying his debt.

As a boss[edit | edit source]


Alpaca Jack appears as a boss near the end of the fourth area in Cactus McCoy 2. During this fight, he rides an alpaca. As an attack method, Jack shoots bullets with his Revolver, throws Fuse Bombs and his alpaca spits its saliva, which interestingly resembles the water that comes out of a Squirt Gun.

When Jack is damaged enough, he drops the Revolver. If Cactus McCoy can defeat him using it, then one of the challenges in the area will be completed. Another challenge can also be completed if McCoy juggles him AND sends him to the stratosphere when he is defeated.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He is the only boss to fight Cactus McCoy with an animal.
  • An alpaca is an animal that resembles a small llama.

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