Brown Swinging EnemigoEdit

Cactus McCoy 1 - Brown Swinging Emengo

The Brown Swinging Enemigo is an Enemigo that holds a swinging weapon with both hands separated. It's the second most resistant type of Enemigo, alongside the Whipping Enemigo. It can be killed with the damage of 20 punching level 1 fists.

Appearance Edit

They wear a brown and white outfit, and wear a brown Stetson hat.

Blue Swinging EnemigoEdit

Blue Swinging Enemigo
Blue Swinging Enemigo

Appears in

Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera

First area appearance

Dustbin Road

Can wield

Axe, Pool Cue, Pickaxe, Mallet

The Blue Swinging Enemigo is a new type of Swinging Enemigo in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. It can be killed with the damage of 20 punching level 1 fists, 30 in areas 5 to 12 in Cactus McCoy 2.

Appearance Edit

They now wear blue outfits(since they replace brown enemigos), and wear blue bandannas. They also have a brown medium-sized beard, without a mustache. In later levels, they wear a small brown hat, and a blue scarf that covers their faces. In jungle-themed levels, they wear(like most jungle-based enemigos) grass skirts and furry boots. They wear masks that have blue outlines, triangle shaped eyes, a small grin, and has blue patterns. Their bodies are painted blue.

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