Cave Crawlers

Cave Crawlers in Blacstone Tunnel

Cave Crawlers are the Enemigos you fight in the final rumble (as well as the earlier elevator section) of Blackstone Tunnel.

Fifteen later appear in Whiplash Rapids, as part of the Rumble in the Jungle challenge.


In Blackstone Tunnel, they can wield a Revolver, BB Gun, Flare Gun, Lanterns, Barbed Wire, Pickaxe, Cleaver, or Bazooka.

In Whiplash Rapids, they can wield a Revolver, Pickaxe, Power Drill, or Machete.

Appearance Edit

Despite having different outfits for the level theme, they all wear black mining helmets with a torchlight in front. They also wear brown scarves that cover their faces.

Flipdeck Bio Edit

  • Hometown: Blackstone Tunnel
  • Loves: Gemstones
  • Hates: Treasure Hunters
  • Occupation: (Mining) Gang
The Cave Crawlers are a gang of merciless miners who don't take kindly to strangers. They took over Mount Blackstone and carved out a complex network of tunnels in search of the mountain’s precious gemstones. The Cave Crawlers rigged a dangerous elevator in order to bring their treasure to the surface, and keep wandering bandits out.

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