Challenges are tasks that McCoy should fulfill in an area. There are 5 challenges in each area. In both Cactus McCoy and Cactus McCoy 2, there is a total of 12 areas, making 60 challenges in each.

Cactus McCoy and The Curse of ThornsEdit

Area 1: Cactus CanyonEdit

Area 2: Prospector MinesEdit

Area 3: Rustler RailroadEdit

Area 4: Shady SpringsEdit

Area 5: Powderkeg PassEdit

Area 6: Midnight ExpressEdit

Area 7: Rattler RavineEdit

Area 8: Brimstone MineEdit

Area 9: Deadridge RailwayEdit

Area 10: Sunset GulchEdit

Area 11: Emerald TempleEdit

Area 12: Emerald ShrineEdit

Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of CalaveraEdit

Area 1: TumblewoodEdit

Area 2: Dustbin RoadEdit

Area 3:Thistle Trail Edit

Area 4: Prickly PrairieEdit

Area 5: Southwind ExpressEdit

Area 6: Blackstone TunnelEdit

Area 7: Calamity CaveEdit

Area 8: Port ScamwellEdit

Area 9: Gridlock CanalEdit

Area 10: Makopa JungleEdit

Area 11: Whiplash RapidsEdit

Area 12: Calavera RuinsEdit

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