Chicken Wrangler

Chicken Wrangler is a challenge in Shady Springs that is accomplished by getting all of the chickens into the coop. As all of the chickens are distributed into different sections of the area, it can be said that it is possibly the hardest challenge of it.

Floating through the platforms using these chickens is a wise and effective way to carry them into the coop.

Positions of the chickensEdit

Chicken 1: Just as the area starts, you will see it next to you.

Chicken 2: After you have found Chicken 1, continue to the right. Then, constantly land through the roofs and go a bit left to find it.

Chicken 3: After you enter the second section of the area, keep going right from the platform that has a northeast arrow above it. Then, you will land onto the platform that hosts the third chicken.

Chicken 4: In the same section, it is right below the platform that has the "Bottomless Pit" sign.

Chicken 5: Keep going left from the platform with the sign. Then, jump high enough from a platform on the left (which also has a Punching Enemigo) to reach a rope. Follow the path that the rope leads to as you continue going left. That path will lead you to a hidden section of the area. You are going to see the chicken as soon as you enter there.

Chicken 6: This chicken is more puzzling and harder to get. To reach the platform that contains it, you need to grab Chicken 5 and make it first to the top of the platforms. Then, when you reach the top platform, float through the air by using the chicken. As you are about to land on the rope, throw it to the platform above it. Finally, go through the rope and climb to this platform and again jump to the left from it as you are floating with the chicken. Thus, you will reach the platform that has Chicken 6. Throw both chickens onto the ground to continue your challenge.

Chicken 7: When you enter the next and the final section, you will find it as soon as you go up to a platform on the left.

Chicken 8: Continue going right in the same section and you will see it.

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