Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry is one of the challenges in Tumblewood, the first area of Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. It is completed by taking all 8 sheets off of clotheslines found in the area.


  • Sheet #1: Jump to the left from the platform where the dagger Enemigos stands in the second section of the area. You will easily take it.
  • Sheet #2: Found next to Sheet #1.
  • Sheet #3: After you jump off from the previous platform, you will see that you have clung onto a rod, which was slightly obscured by one of the sheets you took. Jump up these rods. You will soon come onto a platform and left of the platform will be a red roof of a house. Drop down on the right of the roof to grab it.
  • Sheet #4: At the same section as the first three laundries. Drop down from the platform with the bell and you will take it.
  • Sheet #5: Continuously go right through the platforms that you had climbed. You will see it.
  • Sheet #6: Go left through the platforms that you had climbed. You will see an entrance to a section (which is actually the upper side of the first section). Enter there and continue going left. You will see it.
  • Sheet #7: Next to Sheet #6.
  • Sheet #8: Again continue going left. Near the exit of the section, you will see it. When you grab this sheet too, you will succeed at completing the challenge.
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