Egg on your Face
Egg on your Face is one of the challenges in Tumblewood, the first area of Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. It is completed by killing 5 Enemigos of any type using eggs.


Places of the eggsEdit

Egg Pile 1: Jump up the poles that have been obscured by the laundry. When you reach the platform, go left.

Egg Pile 2: Continue going left. You will soon enter an actually-not-so-secret section, as it is just the platform above the first section. When you see a wooden platform that can be dropped down through, drop down. You will get to a platform that has a pile of eggs. Then you can go left or right and return to the first section.


If you run out of eggs before completing the challenge, upgrade your throwing level and master the eggs. You can also punch Enemigos to weaken them and then kill them with an egg.


It's name may be a reference to the song We Will Rock You, in which one of the lines is "You got mud on yo' face".

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