Emerald Temple

Emerald Temple is the eleventh area in Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns, unlocked after clearing Sunset Gulch. It is the first of the two temple-themed areas, the other being the Emerald Shrine which follows it.

Challenges in this areaEdit

Locations of the treasuresEdit

  • Chest 1: After climbing and jumping up two ropes in the first section, keep ascending and right. There you'll see wood you can hang on to, climb up and get the chest.
  • Chest 2: When walking under the 6 crushers, drop down when you reach the platform in the middle of all the crushers and keep right.
  • Chest 3: In the section where there are 6 crushers, the third secret treasure is located. Go up and follow the section. You should come to a junction, where there is a vase to the right and a bazooka enemy to the left. Jump from the vase towards the right. You should fall on a platform with a pedestal. From that platform, jump to the ropes and reach the treasure.
  • Chest 4:After see the pedestal in the "T" climb the ladders, then jump to left and when you see the first Woodblank go left and move left all the time to fall in the treasure room
  • Chest 5:In the same spot as last, climb the following ladders and finlly you will climb couple of ropes and the treasure will be in a flying platform

Introduced weaponsEdit