Exterminator is a challenge in Dustbin Road. It is unlocked by destroying all six Wasp nests.

Wasp nest locationsEdit

Nest 1:Edit

After crossing the second zipline, you will go right, then start hopping up on the rooftops, defeating Enemigos along the way. When you reach the rooftop (this one of stone) with the bell, there will be a rooftop downwards and to the left of it, also made of stone (note: you should have been on this one earlier when hopping up here). Hop down to it. You should see a the nest hanging from the ceiling to the left. Go back up to the other platform. To get this nest, it appears you have to jump down to the leftward platform while shooting to hit it.

Nest 2:Edit

After taking out nest one, go back up to the platform with the bell. Hop over right to the wooden platform. This nest will be hanging right above the platform.

Nest 3:Edit

At the beginning of the second section of the area/room, you will drop through two wooden platforms, then go left, defeating the Enemigo. Jump up onto the first rooftop you see, then to the second (which will have a bell on it), and defeat the Enemigo there. Climb up the ladder rungs to the right, then hop up to the right onto another rooftop. This nest is to the left.

Nest 4:Edit

After riding the first zipline in the second room/section of the area, go right, and jump onto the zipline. Go left when it ends, and then fall down through the wooden platform when you reach it. Go right, and grab onto the first zipline you see. At the end, it will drop you onto another zipline, which in turn should drop you beside a camp fire. Go right, and eventually you'll see the fourth nest.

Nest 5:Edit

Jump off to the left of the third zipline (in the third room/section of the area) right before the end of the of it. As you land, go right, and after going down some, you should reach a roof with a bell. Drop down, and you should see the nest to the left.

Nest 6:Edit

After riding all five ziplines in the third room/section of the area (which may take you to the fourth room, just go back), go to the left. You will see a rooftop with four bells on top of it, to the left is the nest.

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