Gatling Gun Enemigo
The Gatling Gun Enemigo is a blue Enemigo with a tombola hat. He has his Gatling Gun mounted on a tripod pedestal in front of him, which he crouches behind, from which he shoots lots of little grey balls. He's a stationary Enemigo and only aims in one direction. It can be killed with the damage of 25 fists when Cactus McCoy has a punching level of 1.

In Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns, a good strategy for defeating the Gatling Enemigos would be to get behind them, as they cannot turn back and are completely vulnerable when hit from there.

Appearance Edit

He wears a dark blue tuxedo, and a blue tombola hat. He also wears black pants.


  • Technically, the bullets don't come out of the barrel of the gun, but rather the side, which is an artwork mistake. This can be seen in the picture to the right.
  • They were replaced by the Thrusting Enemigos, who still uses the Gatling Gun as one of their weapons.

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