Green Guerillas

The three types of Green Guerillas in Makopa Jungle.

The Green Guerillas are a group of Enemigos that appear in the last fight of Makopa Jungle.

Seventeen more appear in Whiplash Rapids as part of the Rumble in the Jungle challenge. There is also one in Calavera Ruins.


In Makopa Jungle, they can wield a Gatling Gun, Machete, or Meteor. In Whiplash Rapids, they can wield a Blunderbuss, Flare Gun, Boomerang, or Longsword. The one in Calavera Ruins wields a Grenade Launcher.

Flipdeck Info Edit

The Green Guerillas are a fearless group of mercenaries whose camp is hidden deep within Makopa Jungle. They were hired by Malana Mire to keep Cactus McCoy out of the jungle and off her trail. Green Guerillas were paid in advance by Malana Mire with an ancient Reptara relic, The Jade Skull.

Appearance Edit

While the green guerillas have different bodies depending on the level theme, they all wear sap-green berets with two red dots on the front, and a red mask. They also have green face paint, that acts like camouflage.

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