Green Thumbs
Green Thumbs is a challenge in Makopa Jungle. It is unlocked by cutting down all twelve stinkflowers.

There are 4 Stinkflowers each in the 3 main parts of the level (not counting the Green Guerillas' Arena). Here is a guide to find all 12 of them:

Where to find them Edit

Flower 1 (Part 1): Can be easily found right at the beginning of the level.

Flower 2 (Part 1): After passing the swinging Spiked Ball, go to the left wall and drop down on to the platform with the flower on it.

Flower 3 (Part 1): At the area when you climb downwards to progress, grab the first of the three upwards Barrel Rockets and ride it up to the flower.

Flower 4 (Part 1): Behind a Cannon wielding Enemigo near the second upwards Barrel Rocket.

Flower 5 (Part 2): Immediately after entering the area, jump down into the hole on the right and ride the nearby Barrel Rocket up to the flower.

Flower 6 (Part 2): Requires either a Ladder Spear, a Chainsaw/Buzzsaw, or a large cutting weapon like a Scythe. Climb up the green platforms where you'd normally progress. Then, once you've reached the platform with two Enemigos on it, go to the left. You should see the flower. From there, either:

  • Climb up the wall using Ladder Spears;
  • Aim up-left and jump with the Chainsaw/Buzzsaw;
  • Or simply jump and cut down the flower with a Scythe.

Flower 7 (Part 2): In plain sight behind the Enemigo wielding a Flamethrower.

Flower 8 (Part 2): On the platform near the Checkpoint. Either

  • Platform quickly across the three red platforms;
  • Jump and cut with a Chainsaw or Scythe;
  • Or find and use the Barrel Rocket below the platform.

Flower 9 (Part 3): Where you see the Red X on the wall and Ladder Spears, you will see the next flower above. Use Ladder Spears to reach it.

Flower 10 (Part 3): In plain sight near the leftwards Barrel Rocket and the Scythe wielding Enemigo.

Flower 11 (Part 3): Pick up the Parrot and bring it up to the highest point of the area (where there is a Heat Seeking Missile launcher and Cleaver wielding Enemigo nearby) and jump off to the left. There will be a ledge with the eleventh flower sitting on it.

Flower 12 (Part 3): Under the long rope before the fifth secret chest.

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