Grey Shooting Enemigo
A grey shooting Enemigo as he appears in the original game

Can wield

Derringer, Revolver, Roman Candle, Dart Gun


Equal to 15 Level 1 Punches


Grey Shooting Enemigo, or Pistol Enemigo is a type of Enemigo that wields a pistol. He has appeared in both Cactus McCoy games so far.

A grey shooting Enemigo can be killed with the damage of 15 punching level 1 fists and 22,5 in areas 5-12 from Cactus McCoy 2.


As their name implies, grey shooting Enemigos are clothed nearly completely grey. They wear a grey jacket and a grey hat with red stripes on it. Their eyes are obscured by a red bandana. They also wear grey pants and black shoes.

In Cactus McCoy 2, these Enemigos can be seen in two types. The first type retains their design from Cactus McCoy. The second type takes on a different design. it does not wear the same kind of hat, instead covering its head with a grey head scarf. They also wear brown shoes. These Enemigos are revealed to have blonde muttonchops and can be seen this way from Tumblewood to Prickly Prairie.

In Southwind Express and most levels that follow, the second type has a different appearance; its entire face (except for its eyes) is concealed by a grey bandana. It also substitutes the head scarf for a brown hat with a white stripe.

The second type has an even more different appearance in Blackstone Tunnel and Calamity Cave. These Enemigos can be seen wearing grey hard hats with flashlights attached to them and brown bandanas.

In jungle-themed levels, they wear(like many jungle-based enemigos) grass skirts, and furry boots. They have masks that look like skulls, and have grey-painted bodies, with an arm tattoo.

Due to the number of type of pistols being not very high in the first game, a Grey Shooting Enemigo may either wield a Derringer, a Revolver or a Roman Candle. In the second game, they can still wield a Revolver or a Roman Candle, but since the Derringer has been removed, they can be seen wielding a Dart Gun instead.


  • The appearance of the grey shooting Enemigos may be based on the stereotype of Mariachi, a type of Mexican musician.

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