Some Hobos as they appear in Dustbin Road.

The Hobos are a group of Enemigos that appear in the last fight of Dustbin Road, the second area in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera.

Hobos also appear as a part of a challenge (defeating 5 Hobo clowns) in Southwind Express, the fifth area. There is also eighteen in Whiplash Rapids as part of the secret hideout challenge.

Flipdeck InfoEdit

041 TheHobos
The Flipdeck Number of the Hobos is 041.
  • Hometown: Dustbin Road
  • Occupation: Gang
  • Loves: Trains
  • Hates: Showers

The Hobos are a loose-knit gang of thieves and vagabonds. They travel primarily by train and can sometimes be found setting up camp in forgotten freight cars. Their primary gang territory is along Dustbin Road where they gather to trade weapons, supplies and stories.


In Dustbin Road, they can wield Brass Knuckles, Cherry Bombs, Crossbow, Crate, or Shovel. In Whiplash Rapids, they can wield a Dart Gun, Power Balls, Water Balloons, Mallet, or Buzzsaw.

Appearance Edit

They wear clown makeup, and wear moth-eaten hats.


  • While their name is written as "HOBOS" on the sign "BEWARE THE HOBOS" in Dustbin Road, it is written as "Hobo Clowns" in the description of the challenge in Southwind Express. This suggests that their full name is "Hobo Clowns".

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