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Kodiaks are the Enemigos you fight in the final rumble in Calamity Cave. All Kodiaks wear a bear mask.

Seventeen appear in Whiplash Rapids as part of the Rumble in the Jungle challenge. One also appears in Calavera Ruins.


The Kodiaks in Calamity Cave and the one in Calavera Ruins only wield Bear Claws. The ones in Whiplash Rapids they can wield a Crate, Nunchucks, Bear Claws, or Fuse Bomb.

Appearance Edit

Despite having different bodies to fit the level theme, they all wear bear masks.

Flipdeck Bio Edit

  • Hometown: Calamity Cave
  • Occupation: Gang
  • Loves: The Eternal Lantern
  • Hates: Outsiders

The Kodiaks are an isolated band of recluses who live deep within Calamity Cave. They are trappers by trade, and dress in bear hides to scare away intruders. They have thoroughly booby trapped their cave with TNT to protect their most prized possession, the Eternal Lantern.

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