Malana Mire
Malana Mire as she appears in the promo image of Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera.






Alpaca Jack and his llama, Dumbbell, Enemigos


Cactus McCoy, Ella Windstorm and Popoca

Flipdeck Card Number

028 [1]



Serpent Blade

"You fools couldn't even stop McCoy! BE GONE!"
— Malana Mire as she is about to blast Alpaca Jack and Dumbbell with the Serpent Blade after Jack asks her for the treasure

Malana Mire is the main antagonist and the last boss in the game Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. She has many goons and two henchmen, who are Alpaca Jack (the smart but weak one) and Dumbbell (the silly but strong one). As a rumored Reptara, she had wished that the doomed and dangerous Reptaras could wield the power of Serpent Blade and for this, she even abducts Ella Windstorm, who is the last of the Volados, and the only one who can open the vault to the Serpent Blade.


Actually Malana Mire resembles a human with her olive green hat, cape, and clothes. However, she also has white hair, grey face, and white eyes without pupils like the other Reptaras.


Just like Hex Hatfield, the main antagonist of the previous game, Malana Mire does not seem to have any contemption for her henchmen at all; as she can easily blast Alpaca Jack and Dumbbell up without regret.

Official Flipdeck Info Edit

Malana Mire Flipdeck

Malana Mire made a name for herself by running one of the largest crime syndicates south of the border. As a devout student of the dark arts, Malana became obsessed with the ancient writings of the Reptaras and their quest for the Serpent Blade. This leads her to hunt down the last of the Volados, Ella Windstorm, who held the key to the long-lost Serpent Blade.

As a bossEdit

She is the third and the final boss in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. Her boss fight consists of two phases (which is a first in a Cactus McCoy game). In the first phase, she uses the Serpent Blade as a shield by spinning it. Then, she dashes and jumps away, as she throws the blades that target McCoy. She also fires a powerful laser against him on a random floor, which is her strongest attack When her HP is zero, she tells McCoy that this is "enough" and the second phase starts. In this phase, Mire now has a super-shield. She still makes the same movements as the first phase, but her new shield makes it harder to damage her. Thankfully, Malana sometimes gets tired and wears her shield off. This gives McCoy the opportunity to exceedingly attack Malana Mire when she's down. When she is defeated also in this phase, the boss fight and the game itself end.

Cactus McCoy 2- FINAL BOSS!

Cactus McCoy 2- FINAL BOSS!


  • Malana Mire's both name and surname start with the letter "M".
  • Her weapon, Serpent Blade can be unlocked after completing Cactus McCoy 2 100%.

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