Midnight Express

Midnight Express is the sixth area in Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns. It is the second train-themed area.


  • Chicken Train Rumble - Get a chicken, which can be found on the roof of the second train cart. Then go left to the first cart's roof and jump left off the train, and the chicken will give you enough glide to reach the second train.

Introduction to the second train. Notice how an unlit torch is used as the steering wheel of the train.

Locations of the treasuresEdit

Chest 1Edit

Reach the train following yours, which is explained in the 'Chicken Train Rumble' challenge. On the 5th cart (counting the first one as the one you first land on) is the chest, which isn't hidden.

Chest 2Edit

On the roof of the fourth cart (back on the original train), go left. Hop up the wooden boxes, then jump left to the third train and grab the chain there. Continue moving left, and you will reach the second chest.

Chest 3Edit

On the fifth train, go to the second part where the roof lowers. Go as far right as possible, and you should be able to fall through there. Fall through two small ledges, then climb left across a chain. Jump up and there is the third Chest.

Chest 4Edit

Go to the far-right end of the roof of cart six, bring a luggage trunk too. Jump right to the seventh cart until you reach the wooden box. Drop the luggage trunk in front of it, then hop on that to hop onto the wooden box. On a box beside that one is the fourth Chest.

Chest 5Edit

Bring a luggage trunk to the second-to-last train cart (the one right before the one that ends the level) where you enter the rumble with the Enemigos. At the left end, you should notice a chain near the ceiling. Hop up on the wood box, then drop the luggage trunk. Jump on it, then jump up and grab the chain, then jump up onto the roof. Run right until you see the two smokestacks. Jump on the shorter one, then jump up to grab a chain. Climb left until you reach the second smokestack of the other train, where the fifth chest is.

Trivia Edit

  • This level shares the same name with the writer Billy Hayes's autobiography (and it's subsequent film), which also inspired the name of the unrelated wrestling tag-team.
  • This is also the only train-themed level that's set at night.
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