A Parrot is an animal in Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera. Much like the Chicken, McCoy can pick it up and use it go further distances. Eight must be freed from their cages for the challenge Wildlife Rescue in Port Scamwell.

Badges Edit

Bird Basher: "Kill 10 Enemigos with Parrots" The easiest way to complete this is to go to Port Scamwell, rescue and pick up the Parrot at the very beginning, then go on through the level normally and subsequently kill any Enemigos you see on your way.

Jailbreak: "Break a Parrot Cage with a swinging Spiked Ball" The swinging Spiked Ball bit refers to the, well, giant swinging Spiked Balls. You can obtain this Badge in Stage 8 by carrying either a cage from the left side or from the right side back to the top of the first section, where you will find a swinging Spiked Ball.

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