Prospector Mines

Area 2: Prospector Mines

Prospector Mines is the 2nd and the first mine-themed area in the flash game Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns.


Location of the treasuresEdit

Treasure 1 Edit

At the end of the first shovel Enemigos section, jump to the small wooden ledge and jump up and go to a section with the mine carts and a treasure chest hidden behind them. This treasure is the first treasure to be found in this area.

Treasure 2 Edit

At the end of the first section, you will see wooden ledges. Jump up through them. When you come to the upper path, you will see a chest. This is the second treasure.

Treasure 3 Edit

To find the third treasure, all you need to do is to drop down from the purple platform with wooden ledges in the second section and go left.

Treasure 4 Edit

The fourth treasure is at the end of the second section. Go up through the platforms with the grey shooting Enemigos. At the uppermost platform is the fourth treasure chest.

Treasure 5 Edit

In the last section, after the fight with Enemigos, you will see small platforms that go up to the last treasure. However, only jumping is not enough to reach the platforms, so you will need a ledge like a mine cart to go up the platforms and get the treasure.


  • Number of sections: 4 (including the first treasure room section)
  • Number of Enemigos: 29
  • Number of wooden crates: 9
  • Number of iron crates: 0
  • Number of weapon types: 9
  • Number of mine carts: 9 (4 from the first treasure room and 1 in the exit)
  • Number of suitcases: 0
  • Number of luggages: 0
  • Number of seats: 0
  • Number of chickens: 0
  • Number of torches: 10
  • Number of "Wanted" papers: 0
  • Number of pedestals: 0
  • Number of barrels: 0
  • Number of crushers: 0
  • Number of TNT barrels: 0
  • Number of flame hazards: 0
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