Cactus McCoy 1 - Red Enemigo

Punching Enemigo, or Red Enemigo, is a type of Enemigo in both games. It can wield any punching weapon. If it has no weapon, it will pick up objects and throw them, or it will use fists. It can be killed with the damage of 25 punching level 1 fists, 37,5 in areas 5-12 of Cactus McCoy 2


Cactus McCoy

A Punching Enemigo can have Boxing Gloves, Brass Knuckles, or an Iron.

Cactus McCoy 2

A Punching Enemigo can have, besides the afore-mentioned weapons; Brawler Gloves, Meat Hooks, Bear Claws, Ironclad Gloves, or Katars.

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