The Reptaras in the intro of Cactus McCoy 2 and the destruction they lead to.

Reptaras are a dark cult who grew in the shadows of Calavera, the sacred city. When they wanted to acquire the power of the Serpent Blade, a great war started and Calavera was crumbled. Although they are also antagonists, they don't appear as enemies in the games (with the exception of Malana Mire).

Physical DescriptionEdit

As opposed to the Volados who cover their bodies with white cloths and have purple hair, the Reptaras have white hair, grey faces, white eyes without pupils and wear black capes. In the introduction of Cactus McCoy 2, it is indicated that Malana Mire, the main antagonist is also a Reptara through her appearance.


Gallery of ReptarasEdit

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