Scarecrow Enemigo
A Scarecrow Enemigo.

Can wield



Equal to 2 Level 1 Punches


A Scarecrow Enemigo is an extremely rare, stationary Enemigo. Unlike the other Enemigos, it does not attack at all. It is one of the rare stationary Enemigos, alongside with the Bazooka and Gatling Gun Enemigos. Being the easiest type of Enemigo to defeat, every hit to it after its death is worth only 10 points.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Scarecrow Enemigo is not actually a human but only a replica of an Enemigo's head and torso since it appears to have no human legs at all. Therefore, the Enemigos may have constructed it themselves to prevent Cactus McCoy from going further.

Found inEdit


  • In the first and second games, it can be killed in 1 hit with any weapon except for Level 1 fists.

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