Different signs

Different types of signs as they appear in both Cactus McCoy games. From left to right: Paper sign, wooden arrow sign and rectangular sign with a skull.

Signs are objects in the Cactus McCoy universe that lead McCoy to a certain direction to prevent the player from accidentally going down to a pit or losing time.

They may appear either as wooden arrows or rectangular tables with a skull on them. The second type of sign shows that there is a pit nearby. Plus, there are also paper signs which show the player how to do a movement. That type of sign especially appears in the tutorial area (which is also the first). Note that the paper signs are also used to signify the approach to a group of Enemigos (like Hexagoons or Scallywags - This usage is only seen in the second game).


  • While the signs appear quite often in the first game, they appear less in the second one.
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