Skull Stepper
Skull Stepper is a challenge in Whiplash Rapids. It is unlocked by stepping on all four Skull Switches.

Where to find them all Edit

The entire Level is divided into 4 main parts (not counting the Rumble area or the Hangmen's Hideout), each having a Skull Switch in them. Here is a guide on where to find them all:

Switch 1: After riding the Zipline, you will be on a log sticking out of a platform (the said platform is also where you get the second secret chest using a nearby Ladder Spear). Drop down on the right side of the platform. You will find an Enemigo with a Harpoon Gun and the first switch.

Switch 2: This one is in plain sight. Just progress normally and you should be able to find it easily.

Switch 3: Also in plain sight. Right after you enter the third section, you will see a brown platform. Drop through it to get the switch.

Switch 4: Easy to find. Once you'll get the halfway-checkpoint, you will see a platform with a Longsword Enemigo on it. There is a platform beneath this one, which has the fourth and final switch to push.

This is a quite strange Challenge in all honesty. Only the first one has any difficulty related to it whatsoever.

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