Unwanted is a challenge in Cactus Canyon, the first area of Cactus McCoy and The Curse of Thorns. It is earned by taking down all 10 Wanted Posters in the area.

Locations of the "Wanted" postersEdit

  • Poster 1: It is next to the northeast arrow sign, at the beginning of the area.
  • Poster 2: It is below the "Drop Down" sign. Jump upwards from any platform nearby to grab it.
  • Poster 3: This poster will make you fail to achieve the goal of not picking a single poster. You'll grab it just before you enter the subsection with the White Swinging Enemigo on a high platform.
  • Poster 4: Having the same effect as Poster 3, you are going to collect this poster as soon as you exit the before-mentioned subsection.
  • Poster 5: This one is slightly harder to find. You will need to jump upwards through platforms at the beginning of the second section in the area and then jump wisely from the highest platform to grab it.
  • Poster 6: As you jump through the ladders, go from the lower path to the right. After you get to the end of the path (and probably get rid of the two Enemigos or just evade them), jump to the left from a small and slightly higher platform to grab it.
  • Poster 7: Upon entering the third section of the area, jump upwards through the platforms to the left. Jump to the left from the widest platform to grab it in midair.
  • Poster 8: Stay on these platforms and go right this time. Jump carefully to the right from the highest platform to grab that poster too.
  • Poster 9: Near the exit of the section, make a fall of trust to the left side of the platform that is on the left of the short ladders. And there you go! You just grabbed the ninth poster!
  • Poster 10: That one is slightly puzzling. After entering the last section of the area, grab either the wooden or the iron crate nearby and place one of them below the platform with the tumbleweed. Jump from the crate to reach that platform. Finally, jump to the left from the same platform to collect the tenth and final poster, thus completing the challenge.


  • It is numerically the first challenge in a Cactus McCoy game, as it has been labeled as "Challenge 1" and it is in the first area of the first game.
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