A panoramic photograph of the Volados and their civilization.

Volados were the people of the Volado civilization who once lived very peacefully. Their sacred city, Calavera was ruled by a winged Shaman who kept the city in balance by using the power of Serpent Blade. This peace suddenly ended when the Reptaras, a cult who had grown strong in the city's shadows started a great war to acquire the blade and the power. In order to prevent the blade from getting to the Reptaras, the Shaman put it into a secret vault that also housed the riches of the family.

As the last descendant of the Shaman, Ella Windstorm was the only one who could open the vault. Malana Mire, a powerful Reptara also knew that, so she abducted Ella and made her open the vault and give the blade to her. Meanwhile, her henchmen, Alpaca Jack and Dumbbell tried to prevent Cactus McCoy from saving Ella.

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  • The Volado Shaman as he is sealing the Serpent Blade during the war.
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