White Swinging Enemigo
White Swinging Enemigo is an Enemigo that wields a swinging weapon that swings horizontally with one hand. It can be killed with the damage of 15 punching level 1 fists, 22,5 in areas 5 to 12 in Cactus McCoy 2.  

Appearance Edit

White enemigos wear a white outfit, with a white ski mask and a black band. In Cactus McCoy 2, their outfits have been redone, and they wear a white bandanna, and have large black mustaches. In later levels, they wear a fedora with a white band, and a white scarf covering their faces. In jungle-themed levels, they wear(like most jungle-based enemigos) grass skirts and furry boots. They wear masks which have a toothy grin, and have a deep groove where the eyes would be. Their bodies are painted white.

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